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  1. I have cancer and presently undoing chemotherapy treatments. I am desperately looking to obtain a replica sign or at least a quality image of the Ask Dad – He Knows sign from the movie It’s A Wonderful Life. I want to give to my son as a connecting item between him and me for the rest of our lives. He has always asked me for advice since he was a young boy. It would mean a lot to both of us if someone could help me find either where I could obtain a replica sign like the one from the movie or a clear image of the sign so that I could have it printed onto a metal sign. I can’t express how much any help to accomplish this task would be appreciated. If anyone knows where else I might seek help, that would also be truly a kind act. I will watch my email for any and all responses.

    1. Steve–first, I’m so sorry to hear of your battle. I pray that the chemo helps to give you what you need to win the battle…and the war. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a place to get the replica sign from the movie. I know that they have variations available on ebay and such, but…none that are identical to the movie. You might be able to find a graphic designer who could replicate the image for you, but…I’m sorry I don’t have a great answer. Hoping you and your son have lots of time left for him to ask you all the questions he has.

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