two-year-old me

I learned to juggle at the age of nine. Only three balls, and nothing fancy, but I can’t tell you how many times in my life juggling has a made for a smile or a silly chance to “impress”–I even made it onto an obscure web series because of my “talent” in juggling.

But crossing over that skill into real life? Not near as easy or impressive.

This page has always included my saying, “I work part-time in one world, freelance in another, try to write other things worth reading in another, and manage a household in yet another. I’m also a mom and a caregiver to an aging parent…and I strive to be present in my various relationships, including wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend…and whatever else I’m forgetting. I call it living the Juggle Struggle. Pretty much every day, I fall short.”

But these days it seems I have less to juggle. My son is getting older and more independent, and my mom has joined my dad in the next life.

Needless to say, I still find myself falling short.

I’ve learned, though, that it’s not about perfection; it’s about perseverance and grace. Lots and lots of grace. And the ability to remember the joy in life and laugh as often as possible (even if it means snorting. But not cocaine).

Bits and pieces about me…

  • I am loyal to a fault. I think it might be the San Andreas Fault.
  • I have had numerous jobs in my life—some of which include television production assistant, ice cream truck driver, cocktail waitress, high school English teacher, invigilator, and…writer.
  • My two main phobias are of tight spaces and deep, dark water.
  • I stay up way too late watching movies I’ve already seen. Numerous times.
  • I would be so very lost without grace, mercy, and, of course, the greatest of these: love.
  • I’m not a good favorite-picker, but my all-time favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life.
  • I live with depression and anxiety. They’re both jagoffs.
  • I am very easily distrac…
  • Yes, I have a special voice that I use when I talk to my dogs. Don’t be a hater.
  • I know I am truly blessed—even when life feels pretty sucky.
  • I’m wild about dolphins, and I’m pretty sure they’re smarter than us.
  • I have learned a bit late in the game that being broken open is better than keeping everything sealed tight.
  • …I am a work in progress.

[I am also a freelance writer, so if you are in need of such a thing, please visit my website or LinkedIn profile to learn more about how I can make your life easier.]

I hope you subscribe to or follow me on this journey. Some days I will share something on my heart and get on my soapbox or maybe tell a story about being at my wit’s end, but a lot is just me offering up a slice of life as I know it. You are welcome to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

25 thoughts on “About

  1. Love the “looks like so-and-so” syndrome. I do that often. And I have special voices – plural – for my animals. I talk to each one using a different voice. Hopefully I don’t develop different personalities to go with them!

    Stopping by to let you know you won one of the 5 copies of the Parenting Gag Reel ebook from the giveaway on my blog. (Hopefully you know you were entered in the contest. 😀 Any followers that commented during the giveaway were entered.)


    I just need an email address to have the download sent to. You can either message me your email on Facebook (www.facebook.com/Momopolize) or send it to angelamcqn@aol.com. The link to the free download will be emailed to you by Abbey or Monica from Life Well Blogged. Congrats!! (My stories are in chapters 1 and 6 – hope you enjoy them!!)

  2. I love how refreshing and genuine your words are…I juggle a lot of things also, and in between I always try to share something that will be beneficial to someone each day, as a poet, I try to always lift, and be real! I try to keep it simple, and share in a very simple way. Let others around the world I know how they feel because I am just like them. Blogging increases the size and number of family members in your life along with an increase in friends, making the world smaller. I enjoyed your message in your words and your words they did smile all the way through! That is a true blessing and a gift! Thanks for sharing! May your new year be full of abundant blessings each day! God bless!

  3. You have a very interesting life. The word that comes to me after reading your posts, is a saying that I use to encourage my friends to look beyond the negative. Look for the Treasure in the Trial, there is always a reason for the season, that we are going through and it is for growth and maturity. It is much more enjoyable and profitable when we can see the purpose, understand it, rejoice in it, while we are going through the growing process of our life journey. You are very blessed to have such a full plate to have such a gracious servant heart.

  4. Hi, my name is Cindy Thomas (formerly Tackett). I was in your 94-95 Fenton freshman English class. Due to social media, you can find anyone. I came across someone with your name. It reminded me that I wanted to share something with you that has stuck with me all these years. We had to write a poem for you. I remember one was to be a few stanzas long. Not rhyming, but describing a topic. I wish I still had the paper to remember exactly what I wrote, but it was about snow. I wrote it in my room with my sister and neice as an audience. She said it sounded “Good”. So I turned it in. I received it back with what seemed like a reluctant “A”. You accompanied that “A” with a note (large and in red) saying something like this was “beyond my years” and “seems like it may have been inspired by another source”. I was , well I’ll just say it, PISSED because you thought I copied. But as time went on, I started to think that whether you thought I plagerized or not, my writing was really good. I thought of you in a different light after that realization. I am excited to see you are a writer and didn’t teach English because that is what you could get. I see you actually love the written word and are still using it with passion. I don’t have the drive to write, but have penned a few poems just because I wanted to. I always think of you when I do.

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