When Hate Gut Punches Hope

Fear and hate are ripping and unraveling the fabric of humanity. The fabric isn’t made up of one color or type of thread, but many, many—and it is woven into a radiant, magnificent tapestry…a single, beautiful tapestry of humanity. But when horrifying incidents like the recent attacks on Paris slash at it, the tapestry risks getting shredded to pieces. Continue reading “When Hate Gut Punches Hope”

But the Greatest of These Is Love

Long ago I dated a man who had two kids who—to put it diplomatically—were not exactly well-behaved. On the occasions that we all went to a restaurant, I received looks from other diners that communicated “control your screaming banshee children.” Of course, our relationship was young enough that it wasn’t my place to discipline his kids, so I endured the judgmental stares uncomfortably. Continue reading “But the Greatest of These Is Love”

The Pope of Hope

My Frabjous Friday goal is a short and sweet something that aims to bring a little smile or joy or hope to your day. Where does frabjous come from, you ask?

Frabjous Defined

So there.

Okay, back to business…

I’m not Catholic, but I’m a huge fan of Pope Francis. In a world where the “religion” of Christianity is so often intertwined with the very opposite of the love of Jesus, Pope Francis is bringing new life to the role of the head of the Catholic church. People are starting to feel love where they haven’t before. This makes me happy.

pope with little girl

People are seeing that the head of the largest Christian denomination is not only interested in law and doctrine, but love and mercy. This makes me happy.

pope with sick child

He makes the news showing grace and humility instead of harsh judgment and pomposity. This makes me happy.

pope with child

So today I just wanted to do a little shout out to Pope Francis and say thanks for the hope you are providing and the love you are showing. More power to you.

Pentecost Vigil With Lay Ecclesial Movements In Saint Peter's Square

And right back at ya.