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Ever Wonder What You’ve Said That “Stuck Hard”?

You never really know how words are going to land until they’ve been launched into space and received by their intended target. Did they get through? Bounce off? Stick hard?

Sometimes the effect is not exactly what was intended—and you may never even know it. Continue reading “Ever Wonder What You’ve Said That “Stuck Hard”?”

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Find Your Voice…and Use It

I’m a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, a show run by Shonda Rhimes. She is a powerhouse in the industry, and I love “hearing” her through her shows. She is strong, beautiful, loving—not claiming perfection or denying flaws—and definitely not afraid to speak up.

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Won’t vs Can’t—How Political Correctness Can Stunt Our Growth

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you know I am a huge believer in kindness. This may lead you to conclude that I am also a supporter of political correctness…but the answer to that is yes…and no…You see, while I so highly value kindness and love, I want the real kind (pun intended)—not the kind that appears because it’s not socially acceptable otherwise.

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Polarized People—Must Disagreeing Result in Disdain and Disgust?

Immigration. Education. Gun rights. Abortion. Religion. Racism. Sexual orientation…these are some of the topics that can bring out the trolls and haters in our internet culture…and life. Continue reading “Polarized People—Must Disagreeing Result in Disdain and Disgust?”

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It Sucks to Be Misunderstood

Many writers consider it a bit of a milestone to be published in The Huffington Post, and last week I was able to join the ranks of those who can say that they’ve achieved this goal. In fact, Arianna Huffington herself was the one to tell me that I would be published! Woohoo! Yea! My elation, however, was short lived. Continue reading “It Sucks to Be Misunderstood”

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Living Laugh Track Lives

The TV shows that cater to the middle school set are often…how do I say this gently…well, they are often very bad. Like…painfully bad. Not all of the shows, but a lot of them. Perhaps it is because there are several stations that target that demographic—creating lots of airtime to fill—and…with the abundance, maybe not the greatest writing. Or acting. Or directing.

I know this because my son is a middle schooler and watches some of these shows—which means I do, too—or at least I’m around hearing them, and you know what I hear the most by far? The laugh track. Continue reading “Living Laugh Track Lives”