When in Doubt, Just Trust Your Hand

by Mathias Reed via Unsplash

Sometimes the littlest offhand comment can leave quite the impact. More than hit the mark for which it was aimed, it can also serve to have meaning far beyond what it was intended…if you let it. Continue reading “When in Doubt, Just Trust Your Hand”

Don’t Look Down

As I sit with my keyboard in front of me, I recall a story my dad told me long ago about how he learned to type—way back in the days of Remingtons and Coronas. For me, it’s one of those stories that goes well beyond the whats and whys and is nestled in a little corner of my heart. Continue reading “Don’t Look Down”

Run YOUR Race

My son is a runner. I’d like to say “just like his mom,” but it’s more accurately just like his (former triathlete) dad. It makes me happy that he loves to run because it’s not only a great way to exercise but a great way to get a clear head when life is cloudy. Continue reading “Run YOUR Race”