Yo, Joy…Please Pull Up a Chair and Make Yourself at Home

For the last five years, a thematic word to help guide the year has pretty much magically appeared in front of me anxiously raising its hand like Arnold Horshack crying, “Pick me! Pick me!”

Each year it has made complete sense to me as to why this word this year, and…this year is no different.  Continue reading “Yo, Joy…Please Pull Up a Chair and Make Yourself at Home”

Is Your End Game Eclipsing Your “Now Game”?

First day back from vacation is always a killer. After having reality suspended to enjoy life in out-of-the-ordinary ways, it’s tough to re-acclimate to the mundane. But it’s the perfect time to reflect on just what, exactly, do you want out of life?

Continue reading “Is Your End Game Eclipsing Your “Now Game”?”

Why Sometimes You Need to Have Nothing to Find Something

While flex-schedule working has many benefits, it also has its share of challenges. From the time my son was born, I was fortunate enough to have a work situation that allowed me to work from home as needed. And while I am so grateful to have had that opportunity, one of the challenges that comes with it is feeling like I should always be doing something. Always. Continue reading “Why Sometimes You Need to Have Nothing to Find Something”

Ducking Doomdarts: The Imperfect Art of Embracing Joyful Moments

Ever feel like you need a joy lift? Like life is Rocky and you are the speed bag? And maybe wondering just when am I going to catch my breath—or better yet, catch a break?

I am aware that I let myself get mired in troubles when I should be keeping a better perspective. As someone who battles anxiety, Continue reading “Ducking Doomdarts: The Imperfect Art of Embracing Joyful Moments”

Forever FraGEElay

Even though I continue to simplify in an effort to lessen the holiday season’s madness, I still find myself swirling about these last few days before Christmas. Too many different things stretching me in too many different directions…but still I strive for the peace that passes all understanding.

Christmas will be very different for my family this year. Continue reading “Forever FraGEElay”

To Those Who Are Too Busy (aka Most Likely YOU)

On any given day, I feel like I am running on life’s treadmill. My ToDo list keeps growing, and even though I’ve been busy all day, it feels like I don’t have nearly enough (if anything) to show for it. And I fear that if I break stride, I could end up like George Jetson when Astro decided to chase the cat. (For you youngsters who don’t get that reference, click here.) Our culture encourages busy, busy—and if you’re not busy, you’re lazy. Continue reading “To Those Who Are Too Busy (aka Most Likely YOU)”