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The Pope of Hope

My Frabjous Friday goal is a short and sweet something that aims to bring a little smile or joy or hope to your day. Where does frabjous come from, you ask?

Frabjous Defined

So there.

Okay, back to business…

I’m not Catholic, but I’m a huge fan of Pope Francis. In a world where the “religion” of Christianity is so often intertwined with the very opposite of the love of Jesus, Pope Francis is bringing new life to the role of the head of the Catholic church. People are starting to feel love where they haven’t before. This makes me happy.

pope with little girl

People are seeing that the head of the largest Christian denomination is not only interested in law and doctrine, but love and mercy. This makes me happy.

pope with sick child

He makes the news showing grace and humility instead of harsh judgment and pomposity. This makes me happy.

pope with child

So today I just wanted to do a little shout out to Pope Francis and say thanks for the hope you are providing and the love you are showing. More power to you.

Pentecost Vigil With Lay Ecclesial Movements In Saint Peter's Square

And right back at ya.

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An Aquatic Connection

I’m pretty crazy about dolphins. It’s a love I’ve had since as far back as I can remember. I was even blessed enough to swim with them years ago.


My experience was all I had hoped for and more–their grace and beauty were overwhelming, and when one of them looked me in the eye, I’m pretty sure she saw right into my soul. She pretty much communicated “I see you,” like in the movie Avatar. Powerful stuff.

It was also a whole lot of fun. Breathtaking fun.

I think that’s part of my love for dolphins–they simply exude joy.

For today’s Frabjous Friday post, I want to share a video of a dolphin seeking a diver’s help. It’s a different kind of joy to feel here–the amazing connection between two mammals from two very different worlds.

The diver was there to film stingrays, and the dolphin just swam up as if to say, “Um, excuse me…could you please free me of this hook and line?”

And that’s exactly what happened. Take a look.

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This dolphin knew enough to ask for help in his struggle.

We should, too.

So if you’ve got a hook and line that’s hurting you, maybe it’s time to find the right diver to set you free.

Sometimes all you need to do is ask.


PS. If you have a few more minutes and would like to enjoy a “dolphin stampede” that is captured via drone video, watch below.

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The Joy of First Raindrops

Today’s Frabjous Friday post is all about perspective.

Living in the Chicago area, let me diplomatically say this winter bites. I have pretty much had it with the snow. But in the video below, we get to see a little girl experience rain for the first time. What joy she has.

Share in it, my friends.

And let’s remember that after the harshness of winter comes the beauty of spring.

Kayden + Rain from Nicole Byon on Vimeo.

I can only imagine what giggles her first experience with snow would bring!

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If This Doesn’t Make You Smile, You Have No Soul

Okay, that may be a little harsh, but if this doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart, then you just may be cockleless.

For today’s Frabjous Friday offering, let me introduce you to Mei Lun and Mei Huan…panda bears that start out teensy and pink and in 100 days’ time grow into amazing little panda cubs.

It doesn’t get much cuter than this, people. Enjoy.

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I Envy the Box Lady

green eyeI had a conversation this weekend that I must admit brought out great envy in me. Like if envy were people, I’d be China.

The green-eyed monster flared up when I was having a conversation with a woman I work with part-time. She was explaining to me how she had been working creatively…for hours and hours. Hours and hours, people. In the brief time that I’ve sat down to write this post, my son (home from school today because of the damn polar vortex) has interrupted me somewhere near 97 times.

Granted, she is retired (though very active), so her life tugs are understandably much different than mine. But she was explaining to me how she “needed something to do” with her time, and she ended up discovering this passion for designing beautiful boxes that are then used for care packages at the organization she and I are both part-timing at. [The place is called Phil’s Friends, and its mission is to bring hope to those affected by cancer. If you’ve got a hankering to do something with a few bucks and/or your time, go to their website and learn about the wonderful things they do.]

The work she does is lovely—fun and colorful, and just the right spirit to add to the loving care packages.

A sample of the Box Lady's work.
A sample of the Box Lady’s work.

She described to me how her kitchen table is splayed with boxes and she just gets lost in her work for hours at a stretch. I am amazed at the effort she puts into them. It is clearly her passion, and it brings her great joy.

I want to be like the Box Lady.

In my juggle-struggle world, I have forgotten what it is like to have time to fill. And if I do decide to wrap things up on any given night, about the most I can muster is watching TV and wiping the drool from my chin. Something tells me you might be able to relate.

I realize that the seasons of life offer different opportunities, but I could really use some focus time in this current season of my life. I want to have Box Lady experiences now.

I want to have a “snow” (aka “extreme cold”) day where instead of thinking of the HaveTos that need doing, I can immerse myself in an endeavor that brings me joy. Even if only for a little while.

And though I do make time to do things that are not just “on the list,” one of my biggest challenges is how I feel while doing them. For instance, as a writer, I do make time to write this blog. I could have more time for other HaveTos if I didn’t, but I need to write, so I do. But while I’m taking the time to do so, I keep battling all the other HaveTos that keep poking their way into my thoughts and making me feel like I need to stop. “Hurry up, Lisa. You are wasting your time. You need to get back to _____ and ____ and ____.”

I’d like to take that nasty little voice of harping and guilt and choke the life blood out of it. Yeah, I’d like five minutes alone in a room with that little voice. I’d really give her a what-for. Oh, wait. That voice is inside my head. All. The. Time.

I need to find a way to create Box Lady experiences without that little voice squelching the good that comes from it. Now.

My soul needs it. It craves it.

The clock is ticking.

“Someday” isn’t good enough—because there is no “someday” guarantee. There is only today. (As cold and claustrophobic as this one might be.)

There is only today.

Seuss Today quote

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The World Needs More Hugs

This Frabjous Friday post is simple, short, and sweet. It’s a kitten video. You don’t like kitten videos? You can go suck it. Oops. Sorry. That seems rather counter to the Frabjous Friday spirit I aim to cultivate. How about “you can go and inhale quickly and deeply” (especially if you’re in Colorado)?

At any rate, this little video lifted my spirits, and I hope it does the same for you.

I, for one, could sure use more hugs like this:

How about you?

Thanks to my niece Monica for sharing this video on Facebook yesterday! What a viral world we live in!

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