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True Team Spirit

If you haven’t yet seen this video, I strongly encourage you watch it. If you already have—because it has indeed gone viral—I strongly encourage you watch it again. It’s 3:22 of awesome—of some of the best stuff we want to see in each other.

For my second Frabjous Friday post, I am delighted to share this middle school football story. But it’s so much more than that.

What I love about it is that these boys who chose to go out of their way to show a special kid some love did so in a genuine, non-condescending way. They get it. They know it’s not about them doing this gallant gesture, but that it’s about the joy that comes from thinking outside yourself. 3:02 puts this into a beautiful nutshell.

Frabjous Friday is about sharing something joy-inducing. These boys accomplish that in amazing touchdown style.