Ever Wonder What You’ve Said That “Stuck Hard”?

You never really know how words are going to land until they’ve been launched into space and received by their intended target. Did they get through? Bounce off? Stick hard?

Sometimes the effect is not exactly what was intended—and you may never even know it. Continue reading “Ever Wonder What You’ve Said That “Stuck Hard”?”

A Season of Re-Calibration

I love summer, I do—but I also love fall, winter (to a point), and spring. The changing of each season is meaningful to me, and I appreciate being witness to the cycle of life.

For many, this time of year means students head back to school—and millions of parents rejoice. Continue reading “A Season of Re-Calibration”

Interrupted By God

Do you ever think you have THE answer about some aspect of life? A bright idea that will solve whatever issue is at hand? Where the metaphorical light bulb goes off and your mind’s eye sees everything falling into place?

I haven’t had a lot of light bulbs going off lately, and that’s left me feeling a little in the dark. Too bad there is no switch to flip and easily see with clarity.

But my ideas aren’t always THE answer, anyway, as I learn time and again.
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