Ducking Doomdarts: The Imperfect Art of Embracing Joyful Moments

Ever feel like you need a joy lift? Like life is Rocky and you are the speed bag? And maybe wondering just when am I going to catch my breath—or better yet, catch a break?

I am aware that I let myself get mired in troubles when I should be keeping a better perspective. As someone who battles anxiety, Continue reading “Ducking Doomdarts: The Imperfect Art of Embracing Joyful Moments”

The Leaky Wheel Gets the Grease 

Or…You Don’t Miss the Water Till the Faucet’s Run Dry

As a 21-year-old, I wore some atypical hats. Saying I became the “man” of the house with my dad’s death might be a stretch, but I definitely took over maintenance of my mom’s home. Repairs became my terrain, and I ended up being a relatively handy woman. That’s why when our kitchen faucet recently began to leak, I donned my pseudo plumber’s hat and tried to fix it. Continue reading “The Leaky Wheel Gets the Grease “