Is This Land Really Your Land?

Growing up, the song “This Land Is Your Land” was taught to us as a patriotic song, but if you’ve ever read anything about it, you know that Woodie Guthrie, the song’s creator, wrote it as a retort to “God Bless America.” He originally titled it “God Blessed America for Me,” but changed it to what we know it as now. Continue reading “Is This Land Really Your Land?”

Us Vs Them

Don’t get me started on Donald Trump and how much it scares me that there are some people out there—including women, which astounds me—who think he should be our president. The focus here isn’t on the polarization of politics, and certainly Donald is polarizing if nothing else. I only bring him up because it amuses me that he has taken credit (of course) for creating the conversation on illegal immigration, and that is my real focus today. (Perhaps another time, Donald.) Continue reading “Us Vs Them”