While I’m Swimming in the Jury Pool…

I got called for jury duty today, so while I’m hanging out doing my civic duty, I thought you might be interested in one of things I’ve been up to recently.

I never knew there was such a thing as legal insurance until the folks at ARAG legal insurance reached out to me to guest blog a little about caregiving and living in the sandwich generation. So I’ve learned a little about it, and it’s an interesting concept. It allows those of us who can’t afford to keep a lawyer on retainer or pay an attorney’s typical rate to have access to sound legal advice by paying a monthly premium (similar to health insurance).

They just introduced their cadre of guest bloggers, and I’m among them. When my first blog post runs for them in the very near future, I’ll be sure to give you a heads up.

In the meantime, I’m just swimming around in the jury pool. I wish it was warm, sunny, and sandy, but it’s more like a gray holding pen of frustrated people. But I strongly believe that everyone should play their part in this civic process. After all, “getting out of it” only means that there is one less competent, thoughtful individual (that is fair to say about you, yes?) to participate in the system that protects all of us. I mean…God forbid you are ever fighting a court battle…isn’t that who you’d want deciding your future?

“Briefly Speaking” Welcomes New Guest Bloggers


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