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Frabjous Friday

I’m debuting a new category today: Frabjous Friday. My goal is to share a little something that makes me smile, in hopes that you’ll smile, too.

Here goes round one. If this doesn’t make you smile, then message me and I will help you find a good therapist.

(I would love it if you would let me know if I am successful in my goal of bringing something positive to your day!)


Writer and work in progress who loves learning answers that lead to more questions and believes you can be honest without being brutal.

7 thoughts on “Frabjous Friday

  1. YES! Smiling ear to ear!
    Love how these girls not
    only love their daddy’s music,
    but most definitely, each other : )

    Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa!

    xo Suzanne

  2. After I realized it was Friday and not Monday, it definitely brought a smile! I love reading your posts!

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Going to WOODCHICK the word FRABJOUS on something … just because … definitely successful in the smile dept JS!

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