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True Team Spirit

If you haven’t yet seen this video, I strongly encourage you watch it. If you already have—because it has indeed gone viral—I strongly encourage you watch it again. It’s 3:22 of awesome—of some of the best stuff we want to see in each other.

For my second Frabjous Friday post, I am delighted to share this middle school football story. But it’s so much more than that.

What I love about it is that these boys who chose to go out of their way to show a special kid some love did so in a genuine, non-condescending way. They get it. They know it’s not about them doing this gallant gesture, but that it’s about the joy that comes from thinking outside yourself. 3:02 puts this into a beautiful nutshell.

Frabjous Friday is about sharing something joy-inducing. These boys accomplish that in amazing touchdown style.



Writer and work in progress who loves learning answers that lead to more questions and believes you can be honest without being brutal.

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