Three Years Running…and Stumbling

If this blog were a kid, it would most likely be potty-trained. In dog years, it would be able to legally drink. That’s right—The Juggle Struggle is three years old!

Yesterday marked three years to the day that I wrote my first post here. I began this iteration of The Juggle Struggle (there have been a few other fits and starts over the years) in order to keep me accountable as a writer. I promised myself that, no matter what, I would write at least once a week, and it feels good to know that so far I have kept that promise for 156 weeks straight.

What means even more to me, though, are the connections I’ve made through writing here. I’m not talking about professional networking—I’m talking about the people I have come to know or know better—through this blog. Some are people that I personally know and some are those I consider “cyber-friends.” Some are right here in my own neighborhood and some live in distant countries that I hope to visit one day. I am grateful.

And for those of you who read quietly…not saying a word…I am grateful for you, too! You are quiet but mighty!



My goal has always been to write things that people might read and say, “me, too!”…To remind people who are also caught in the crazy swirl of life that they are not alone, and that they—you—matter. You matter to God, you matter to the people in your life, and you matter to me.

And this is a big thank you to you for being here.

Many years ago I read something that really stuck with me as a writer—and person. Barbara Kingsolver wrote, “We are nothing if we can’t respect our readers. It’s audacious enough to send a piece of writing out into the world (which already contains Middlemarch), asking readers to sit down, shut up, ignore kids or work or whatever important things they have going, and listen to me.”

While she wrote this before blogging became commonplace, and she was speaking of writing novels and short stories—the same truth holds, even if the forum is typically much shorter.

…Thanks for listening to me.

I have my own very significant challenges with time and know that it is the most precious commodity we have, so I am truly grateful to you for giving me a read every now and then. I hope you feel, more often than not, like it was worth it.

I guess I kind of break the rule of “proper” (or better yet—“successful”!) blogging by not having a narrow focus, but…this is who I am. In this forum, I don’t want to write just about parenting or wifing or daughtering (I’m pretty sure I just made those up—I mean if the proper term for what parents do is called “parenting,” then shouldn’t what a wife or daughter do be “wifing” and “daughtering”? Yeah…maybe not.) I like to write the occasional funny story, but I also want to write about things that tug at my heart or tick me off.

So…thank you for putting up with me and my scattered (lost) mind.

If you are a newer reader and would like to get to know me a little better, you might want to read this or this or this. Or maybe even this. As of now, there are 157 to choose from!

Whatever you do, though, don’t read this.

Thank you again for reading this journey of a work in progress!


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2 thoughts on “Three Years Running…and Stumbling

  1. Lisa, congrats on your three
    years of sharing your thoughts
    with the world! It’s a better place
    for your insights and humor. Here’s
    to the next three….!

    xo Suzanne

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