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365 Days in…Still Very Broken

One year ago today…our country changed forever. Continue reading “365 Days in…Still Very Broken”

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Can It Really Be Four Years?

That’s right…it’s the 4th anniversary of The Juggle Struggle

and no one even baked a cake…

Continue reading “Can It Really Be Four Years?”

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Three Years Running…and Stumbling

If this blog were a kid, it would most likely be potty-trained. In dog years, it would be able to legally drink. That’s right—The Juggle Struggle is three years old! Continue reading “Three Years Running…and Stumbling”

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And Then There Were 52

know nothingThis is my 52nd post. Not quite exactly a year ago, I started this little blog. By “started,” I mean actually committed to writing it. It existed in other incarnations for…years. But a year ago, I told myself that I was going to post every Monday, and I have lived up to that internal promise. I’m glad for that. Continue reading “And Then There Were 52”