Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner…Except Me

The times they are a-changing…aren’t they? The activities of this past weekend remind me of the opening line from A Tale of Two Cities… “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Which day—Friday or Saturday—that you consider each reflects our challenging, divergent times. I’m definitely a “former is the latter” kind of girl.

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Can It Really Be Four Years?

That’s right…it’s the 4th anniversary of The Juggle Struggle

and no one even baked a cake…

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This Is NOT a Test

The Juggle Struggle has a new look! I hope you like it.

My apologies to my email subscribers who received a test post yesterday as I was working on the redesign. I hate wasting time, and I really hate wasting my readers’ time–even a minute. Argh. Sorry.

So…this time around is NOT a test.


I’d love to hear feedback from you on the new look–or on anything, for that matter. And if you find something that needs tweaking that I have yet to discover, please let me know! After all, it takes a village…

And, as always–thanks for taking some of your precious time to read this crazy blog and share with me in life’s journey!

And Then There Were 52

know nothingThis is my 52nd post. Not quite exactly a year ago, I started this little blog. By “started,” I mean actually committed to writing it. It existed in other incarnations for…years. But a year ago, I told myself that I was going to post every Monday, and I have lived up to that internal promise. I’m glad for that. Continue reading “And Then There Were 52”