And Then There Were 52

know nothingThis is my 52nd post. Not quite exactly a year ago, I started this little blog. By “started,” I mean actually committed to writing it. It existed in other incarnations for…years. But a year ago, I told myself that I was going to post every Monday, and I have lived up to that internal promise. I’m glad for that.

My older, grumpy high school choir teacher once told me that I should toot my own horn. “If you don’t toot it, no one will. Trust me.” It was advice tinged with bitterness. I didn’t take it.

So I hope I don’t appear to be tooting my own horn here as I take a little trip down memory lane for this “anniversary post.” In fact, I see this as more like the Chris Farley Show, where Chris would clumsily say, “remember when you…member that? That was awesome.” But the awesomeness comes not from my posts, but all of you who have shared with me in one way or another that the “me, too” matters.

Sharing in the community where we see that life is crazy and we often get caught in the swirl of it and feel like we are losing it…that matters. Knowing we are not alone matters. Thank you for letting me know—whether by comment or email or face-to-face—that sharing in a laugh or a cry has been a good thing for you. It has been for me.

In this year my site has been visited by people from around the world…Ireland, Tanzania, Australia, Spain, India, Canada, Philippines…38 different countries at last count. (Sorry, the geography geek in me can’t always be contained.) How crazy is that? It continues to blow my mind that our lives can be globally connected in this way.

And I’m so glad that you have joined me here today.

If you’re a newer reader, I would love for you to get to know me better by taking a peek at some of my posts from the past year. For instance, there was some silliness with a spastic spider story, my non-breakable New Year’s resolutions, embracing wedgies, a sadistic masseur, and even a different take on douchebags.

But much of what I write here falls into the Life as I Know It category…where I aim to share my experiences that help me remember what truly matters. Posts like What I Can See in Sea Glass, The Shoe on the Pavement, More Than You Know, and Life Lesson Courtesy of a Face Plant are just a few of the times where I needed to reflect on things that I hope you could relate to, as well.

This year hasn’t been easy. My little family has dealt with major health and financial challenges, among other things. The year got off to a rough start, and when I hoped we would be getting ready for better days, it was not quite in the plan. And even then, the curve balls didn’t stop getting thrown. And I know the same to be true for so many others. So, so many others. So many of you. And that truly matters to me.

And so I thank you for letting me into your minds (and maybe even your hearts) for a little while when you take the time to read my blog. It means the world to me. And I hope you stick around and continue to share in what it’s like living the juggle struggle. It’s much better together.

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